Optical illusion is ‘uncanny’ as it shows if you are more charismatic or a deep thinker

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Are you someone who is very assertive and never backs down, or are you more laid-back and kind-hearted? This optical illusion is a test that claims to be able to predict your personality.

This ‘uncanny’ optcal illsuon should show you how you deal with people and the person you are in your social life 

Optical illusions are often brainteasers that can test your observational skills, but this unusual psychological picture is a personality test that claims to be able to reveal if you are more extroverted or introverted in life

This strange blue optical illusion requires the viewer to take a look at the artwork and decide if they first see a shark or a man.

Depending on what the viewer sees first, this personality brainteaser should reveal if you approach your social life from a very confident or compassionate standpoint.

This picture first appeared on social media due to a recent video by the optical illusion specialist account @psychologylove100, who has exploded in popularity due to his ability to predict someone’s personality traits.

In the video comment section, one person wrote: “Spot on! It’s uncanny how accurate this is.”


You are a charismatic person if you saw the shark (Image: Getty)

If you first focused on the shark, you are a very confident person. You are someone who is very charming and is able to do well in most social situations.

People consider you very easy to talk to and you can easily make friends no matter where you are. Your extroverted nature means people tend to pay attention to you while you can also stand out from the crowd.

When in an argument, you are very direct and to the point. You never shy away from explaining your beliefs and your effortless ability to be assertive is admired by those in your life.

The optical illusion specialist said: “When we get to know you, we soon discover that you are a straightforward person. You don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind without mincing your words. Your frankness is sometimes misinterpreted by those around you, but this has little effect on you.”


You are a very kind person who likes to help others and deeply think about issues if you first a man (Image: Getty)

If you first saw the man, then you are a very empathetic and kind-hearted person. Helping other people comes naturally to you and friends turn to you for advice due to your compassionate nature.

You can sometimes be weary or distrustful of new people due to being a little shy and introverted, but once you open up, you are a very warm and optimistic person who finds things to look forward to in life no matter the situation.

One thing people admire about you is your easy-going personality. You are not someone who likes getting into conflict or arguments with people, even if you disagree with them. You are a deep thinker who prefers to think about an issue from all possible points of view before expressing an opinion.

The optical illusion specialist said: “If the person you are talking to still disagrees with you then well that’s okay. You won’t get into a conflict with them.

You’re not one of those people that insists on proving that they’re right. One of your life mantras is ‘silence is golden.’