Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Speaks on Mom Terri’s Dating Life 17 Years after Dad’s Death

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Since September 2006, the Irwin family have been missing a piece in the form of Steve Irwin. However, they have not filled this chasm with anybody else. Robert and Terri Irwin recently talked about the rumors surrounding Terri’s dating life and a friend who has been invaluable to the family.

In the years following the tragic loss of beloved wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin, his family has courageously carried on his legacy, with each member stepping into the spotlight in their own unique way. Recently, Terri and Steve Irwin’s son, Robert Irwin, has come forward to address the swirling rumors surrounding his mother Terri’s dating life since the untimely death of his father.

Despite numerous reports linking her to over thirty individuals, one of whom was rumored to be King Charles, Robert has dismissed all such claims as “absolute nonsense.” In a candid discussion about the topic, Terri herself has humorously shed light on her personal life, remarking, “I have a lot of quiet evenings with a nice, big, juicy pizza.”

Despite the public’s curiosity and the occasional rumor, such as the one that emerged six years ago suggesting a romantic connection with actor Russell Crowe, Terri remains a single woman. Terri, maintaining her characteristic humor, clarified that they were merely friends, recounting how Crowe reached out in bemusement over the rumors.

Reflecting more deeply on the matter, Terri revealed the bond formed between Crowe and Steve years ago, emphasizing the actor’s steadfast support for her family through challenging times, including efforts to protect their conservation reserve from potential threats. Terri warmly regards Crowe as a “dear friend,” a testament to the enduring friendships that have supported the Irwin family through their loss.

Amidst her responsibilities running the Australia Zoo and starring in an Animal Planet series, Terri Irwin has expressed little interest in rekindling romance. “I think it’s wonderful when people who have lost someone find love again, but I’m not personally looking, and I haven’t been on a date in 27 years,” she stated in 2018. Terri reminisces about her “happily ever after” with Steve, whom she met in 1991 and married just eight months later. The couple’s profound connection and shared passion for wildlife conservation blessed them with two children, Bindi Irwin and Robert, before Steve’s life was cut short in 2006.

The unexpected nature of Steve’s accident left a profound impact on Terri and their children, prompting the family to adopt nightly rituals that focused on positive reflections and acts of kindness. This practice, Terri believes, has been crucial in their healing process, allowing them to shift focus outward and begin to heal through service to others and dedication to the causes Steve held dear.

As the Irwin family continues to navigate life without Steve, Terri has remained a pillar of strength, emphasizing the importance of carrying forward Steve’s legacy and passion for conservation. She reflects on Steve’s full and vibrant life, expressing a desire to live just as fully and meaningfully.

The family has also received support from those around them, like Crowe. Cementing the role he plays as a close friend in the Irwins’s lives, Crowe bought Bindi and her husband a fig tree as a wedding present in 2019. Now, they have planted the tree and are enjoying it with their daughter.