Kate Middleton captured on video for first time since surgery – looks happy and relaxed

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Kate Middleton has been seen on camera for the first time since last year, with the Princess of Wales looking relaxed as she shopped alongside Prince William.

We reported yesterday how Kate had been spotted at her favorite store, one mile from Adelaide Cottage, amid a storm of speculation as to her well being and whereabouts.

Only last week did the rumors regarding Kate his fever pitch, when an image of her and her children, intended to commemorate UK Mother’s Day, was withdrawn by multiple photo agencies over fears it had been “manipulated”.

Kate later apologized for the fiasco, fessing up to having “self-edited” the image before it went out to the world. Even so, large portions of the public remained concerned after not having seen or heard from the Princess since her “planned abdominal procedure” back in January.

That the Royal Family would seek to keep private affairs under wraps as much as possible is hardly a surprise, though the lack of information while Kate recovered from her 13-day hospitalization at the London Clinic was a risky move, and one that’s undoubtedly given them a huge PR headache.

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – MARCH 23: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit Shortwood Teacher’s College with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge during their Royal tour of the Caribbean on March 23, 2022 in Kingston, Jamaica. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

It’s no great stretch to say that the storm of conjecture and conspiracy theories surrounding Kate’s absence from the limelight has been one of the biggest controversies the Royal Family have faced in years.

Just where has the Princess been? Why did she require surgery in the first place? Is everything regarding her and William’s marriage okay?

Questions, questions, questions. While we can’t boast having concrete answers for you, there has at least now been a confirmed sighting of Kate that should do a lot to ease the concerns of fans.

A video published to X by TMZ shows Kate dressed casually in a hoodie and leggings, strolling through the car park of her favorite farm shop. Prince William can be seen smiling at her side, perhaps putting the outlandish divorce rumors that have plagued the couple over the last two weeks to bed.

In any case, Kate certainly looks hale and healthy in the above video. The Sun say that no date has been issued yet as to her official return to royal engagements, while the Princess remains under medical guidance to stay off work until next month.