Grandpa, 94, Grows a Garden of Special Flowers for His Granddaughter’s Wedding for around 40 Years – People Are Amazed

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Cassie Woodard shared a special part of her wedding that her grandfather had cared for and kept safe for about 40 years. Cassie’s heartwarming video on TikTok had viewers in tears and touched many hearts

Cassie Woodard shared a garden of flowers her 94-year-old grandfather had been growing and saving for her wedding. The TikToker, who had recently married, knew exactly how she wanted her big day to look.

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Cassie, who grew up riding horses in a small town near Southern Indiana, always wanted an intimate wedding that incorporated her love for horses. However, what she was even more certain of was the kind of flowers she wanted.

The flowers she had at the wedding were cockscomb flowers, which her grandfather had been growing for approximately 40 years. In the video she shared with her followers, Cassie is seen picking the flowers the day before her wedding.

Cassie Woodard’s grandfather | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

She explained that her grandfather was very protective of his garden and would not allow anyone near them until Cassie had her first pick. She showed how the day went when she finally started arranging her flowers.

Cassie said she and her grandfather started the day with breakfast and took time to pick the flowers. The bride knew how monumental that moment would be, so she wanted to make sure that day in the flower patch would be memorable.

Cassie Woodard’s grandfather | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Besides the fact that the 94-year-old had been taking care of this garden for about four decades, the flowers were also special because the cockscombs were from Germany, and the seeds that were planted were also from the country, as Cassie’s grandparents are German.

As the only grandchild, the bride kept a big part of her family history alive and ensured that the flowers were highlighted throughout every part of the wedding. Cassie and her husband Tyler, who met at a horse show at the Indiana State Championship, wanted to reignite the day their love story started.

The couple had the bright idea to have a horse show as their reception. Tyler and Cassie tied the knot on September 30, 2023, with an intimate ceremony of about 40 to 50 people. However, they turned their reception into a big event and opened their horse show for everyone to attend.

Cassie Woodard and her husband Tyler  | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Cassie Woodard and her husband Tyler | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Although Cassie knew that having a horse show could be stressful, she made sure to minimize costs and chaos. Luckily, the idea was a success; the bride got to participate in her wedding dress, and the arena loved the setup so much that they planned on keeping it for the future.

The special flowers were also the star of the show. The photographer showed off how they were used as centerpieces at the reception, as a beautiful bouquet for the bride, and as an exceptional detail throughout the wedding decor.

Cassie Woodard and her grandfather | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Cassie Woodard and her grandfather | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

The bride did most of the details of her wedding planning herself. “I wanted it really simple; we even did the food. I did all the flowers myself,” she added. Cassie’s grandfather was filled with pride. He said, “I was so proud; I was two inches taller!”

Cassie Woodard's wedding decor | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Cassie Woodard’s wedding decor | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

The grandfather got emotional when speaking about the flowers. He expressed that he would do anything for his granddaughter and could not even describe how proud he was of Cassie. The 94-year-old appreciated all the times his granddaughter had been there for him, so maintaining these flowers for her was another extension of his love for her.

Cassie Woodard and her grandfather | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Cassie Woodard and her grandfather | Source: Instagram.com/cassiemwoodard

Cassie’s TikTok video has garnered over 5 million views and melted the hearts of many. Some viewers even remembered walking past a flower patch and watching the grandfather working on it. “He always made me smile when I saw him working on his yard. He is adorable!” gushed a commenter.

“Instant tears. How beautiful and wonderful. What a gift. I hope he got to see you carry them,” added another netizen. The history and the love behind the flowers touched many hearts, and the video’s life on the internet continues to leave a mark on viewers.

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