Eloping after 6 weeks of dating, Bette Midler and her husband are still in love after 39 years

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Bette Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg stunned the world when they eloped just six weeks after meeting. They exchanged vows in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator as the only witness, spending a mere $45. Despite challenges, their love endures even after 39 years.

Their wedding, described by Midler as “two people and the Elvis impersonator,” was a spontaneous decision. Midler reminisced, “We had a tape of Nino Rota music…and we walked down the aisle.” Two years later, their daughter Sophie was born.

For decades, they had no wedding photos until a surprise delivery. Midler revealed their early years were marked by intense arguments. However, the birth of Sophie shifted their focus towards family unity.Von Haselberg left his career to support Midler’s, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing family. Midler praised him as an exceptional father who taught Sophie various skills. She admits learning the value of compromise and accountability in their relationship.In 2020, they celebrated Sophie’s wedding amid the pandemic with only 11 guests. Despite the absence of Elvis, it was a joyous occasion. Their enduring love stands out in an industry known for failed marriages, offering inspiration to others.