Jennifer Lopez is branded ‘rude’ after spitting used chewing gum into her assistant’s hand

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Users of the social media platform X decided to revive an unpleasant video of the famous American singer Jennifer Lopez.

The viral clip shows the singer “spitting her used chewing gum into her assistant’s hand” on the streets of New York City, with many calling the behaviour “rude” and “disgusting”.

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The video that went viral six years ago has been circulating again.

Some try to defend JLo

In it, JLo can be seen being accompanied through the streets of the Big Apple, while her assistant appeared to run into the shot to catch the gum: “Here’s JLO spitting gum into her assistant’s hand in the middle of New York City. What rude and disgusting behaviour. There is no reason to treat your employees this way,” the tweet on X reads.

Criticizm of the singer was aplenty: “This woman has always been this disgusting, no new evidence,” said one, while others claimed that “The more I hear about JLO, the worse it gets.”

But there were also many fans who came to her defence and replied to the post, claiming that she was filming a scene for a movie in the video and that this is normal for actors on set, as they are often asked to chew gum to clear their throats for lines or have minty breath for kissing scenes.