Missing boy comes sobbing out of the woods with a loyal companion who never left his side

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When a 4-year-old boy disappeared in the dense forest of New Jersey, the state police immediately launched a search.

But when the boy was finally found, the officers were in for a surprise.

So, it’s no wonder the parents of this young boy were terrified when they couldn’t find him during the early evening of March 28, 2023.

When the New Jersey state police arrived at the house, they learned that the child had ventured off with his black Labrador. After searching for a while, the rescue team received word from a neighbor who heard cries for help in the woods, which heightened the sense of urgency.

An hour filled with worry passed before the police and the boy’s mother made a wonderful discovery. Emerging from the forest were the 4-year-old boy and his dog.

The sobbing child then rushed with outstretched arms towards the trooper and his mother. The Labrador had stayed faithfully by the boy’s side the entire time – what a loyal and wonderful companion!

The heartwarming moment was captured by the police officers’ body cameras:

“We are thankful to report that due to the quick response of the troopers and his mother, the terrified child was safely located and in good health,” New Jersey State Police wrote.

Besides the relief of finding the child safe and sound, the most heartwarming aspect of this story was that the family dog never strayed from the boy’s side.

After posting the video online, many praised the black Labrador.

“This beautiful dog protected him and stayed by his side,” one commenter said.

“Give this dog an award!” another added.

“Great dog!” a third wrote.