Woman Refuses To Give Up Plane Seat For Mom Who Wanted To Sit With Her Kids, Internet Divided

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According to the Independent, a woman became famous on the internet after refusing to give up her plane seat for a mother who wanted to sit with her children.

Her TikTok video has divided the internet, with some individuals supporting her and others questioning her sensitivity. Here’s what happened,

Woman refused to switch seats with a mother on a plane

On a Delta flight from Ohio to California in the United States, a woman asked Tammy Nelson, CEO of the worldwide jewellery brand CONQUERing, to swap seats so she could sit near her two children. The second woman was already sitting in her window seat, according to Ms Nelson’s TikTok video.

“I double-checked my boarding pass, thinking I may have had the wrong row,” she explained to Newsweek. “When I confirmed I was looking at the correct seat,” she said, “I thought she must have just mistakenly sat in the wrong seat. So I remarked, ‘I’m sorry, but it appears you’re in my seat,’ hoping she’d notice and move.”

According to Ms Nelson, the woman was “shocked” and asked if she wanted to sit in that seat. According to Ms Nelson, “I was pretty surprised at the question but replied simply saying, ‘Yes, that’s the seat I selected.'” 

woman refused to switch seats Unsplash

The mother then explained that she was travelling with her two children, who were seated next to her window seat. “Well, I just thought we could switch because these are my kids,” she explained to Ms Nelson. Even if she didn’t “love that idea,” the CEO of the jewellery company said she understood “as a mom.” She agreed to swap seats with the woman “as long as it’s a window seat.”

Woman suffers from motion sickness

Ms Nelson then discovered it was a middle seat and had to deny her request since she suffers from “motion sickness during takeoff and landing if I can’t see out the window.” Her mother, she claimed, became “super annoyed” and eventually sat back down. She was sitting next to her children, yet she continued to spend “at least 15 minutes” moaning to a fellow passenger about the incident.

“The person she was complaining to very nicely said she could understand why she would want to sit together but added that, when in that situation, she always planned ahead of time to ensure her family was together by talking with the airline in advance or talking to the gate agent,” Ms Nelson said.

“As the woman continued to complain, the stranger added that it wasn’t really reasonable to ask someone to switch seats when, oftentimes, those seats were chosen months in advance and, many times, the person even paid extra for their selected seat,” she stated.