Kate Middleton’s ring seems to disappear in cancer announcement video, sparking AI conspiracy

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Kate Middleton‘s public video announcing her cancer diagnosis to the world is under heavy scrutiny. With the concerned public still reeling from finding out that Kensington Palace altered photos of the Princess of Wales and her family, a new detail has emerged in the recent video that is leading conspiracy theorists to believe that her latest video was also altered by AI: the so-called “ring glitch.”

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Kate Middleton’s ring glitch

A slowed version of the original cancer reveal video seems to show her sapphire ring disappearing in several frames and then re-appearing. The video has amassed over 2.5 million views on Twitter/X as users try to disseminate whether or not the ring actually changes in the video.

The ring is just one piece of evidence making internet detectives believe that the video could have been edited, altered, or at least not recorded live. Middleton’s sweater, the background of the video and the coloring are among other elements of the video being analyzed as evidence of some kind of Royal “deep fake.”

Kate Middleton deep fake is unlikely

It is important to note that none of these theories have been founded.

In fact, one digital AI artist struck back at the numerous social media theories about the ring in a post on X.

“take into account the fact that the angle you are viewing the ring at changes and the effects of motion blur are present as she moves her hands – the ring is still clearly there,” Garry Walker wrote. “The conspiracy theorists are wrong about this one.”

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For some, it brought relief to finally hear the truth about Middleton’s health. For others, it raised understandable concern for the future Queen. And still, as has been the case through her entire health ordeal, a select group are insistent on stoking rumors, given legs by Kensington Palace’s questionable PR moves from the start.