King Charles Gives Kate Middleton Blessing To Do The One Thing He Never Let Diana Do

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According to a royal expert, the Princess of Wales has received approval from the King himself to take center stage, despite his past jealousy toward Princess Diana’s popularity during their marriage.

While previous reports suggested concerns among royal insiders that Prince William and Kate’s popularity might overshadow King Charles and Queen Camilla, one expert suggests that the monarch has given the couple his blessing to do so.

Princess Diana’s immense popularity was known to strain her marriage with Charles, with the prince reportedly growing increasingly envious as crowds focused their attention on Diana rather than him.

Diana addressed his jealousy in her controversial Panorama interview in 1995, stating, “The pressure on us both as a couple with the media was phenomenal, and misunderstood by a great many people. We’d be going round Australia, for instance, and all you could hear was, ‘Oh, she’s on the other side.’ Now, if you’re a man like my husband, a proud man, you mind about that if you hear it every day for four weeks. And you feel low about it, instead of feeling happy and sharing it.” She further noted, “A great deal of complicated situations arose because of that.”

Speculation has arisen that the new Princess of Wales has similarly upstaged Charles and Camilla. For instance, Kate’s surprise appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show reportedly generated more excitement than when Charles and Camilla visited later that day.

Royal expert Robert Jobson suggests that Charles has granted Kate permission to “steal the limelight,” recognizing that it is now William, Catherine, and their children who will naturally attract attention. Jobson elaborates in his MailOnline article, “Whilst it is Charles’ head that wears the Crown, it is William, Catherine and their children that will steal the limelight. They are bound to. And it is right. This time, it will be with Charles’s blessing – for he knows for monarchy to survive it must be relevant to the younger generation.”

William and Kate frequently share updates on their social media platforms, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. Notably, they have introduced polished behind-the-scenes videos, including glimpses into their daily lives at Kensington Palace. These efforts, such as a video shared during King Charles’ Coronation weekend, indicate the couple’s commitment to maintaining relevance and engagement with the public.