Candace Cameron Bure and family slammed for their wedding etiquette – actress responds back

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Candace Cameron Bure made her way into millions of hearts across the world when she was just 10 years old. The actress has made a name for herself over the years.

In recent years, the Full House actress has committed herself to her faithShe is very active on social media and often shares pictures of herself with her family on social media. And after she shared a picture of them at a wedding, people had a lot to say…

Candace Cameron Bure shared pictures of her and her family at a wedding. She and her daughter Natasha wore vibrant red dresses while her husband Valeri Bure and her younger son Lev Bure sported handsome suits. Candace’s other son was not there since he was away at college.

Wearing red as a guest at a wedding is not seen often. This prompted a user to comment, “Supposed to avoid red at weddings, it’s a power color steals spotlight from the bride.” Candace wrote a comment as a reply saying, “different style rules in Los Angeles,” the actress aslo added a winking emoji to her comment.

Another user wrote, “While I absolutely love the red, it’s my favorite color, it’s considered a no-no at weddings.”

“Anything goes in L.A.,” Candace wrote back, adding, “there were 4 women wearing red dresses to the wedding.”

While another person took a jab at her husband and son’s attire writing, “I don’t get why guys don’t wear socks with a suit. It doesn’t look good.” Candace wrote back, “in your opinion.”

Another person had an issue with the no socks, they commented saying, The no sock thing is very unattractive,” Candace Cameron Bure gave them a piece of her mind. She said, “comments like this are unattractive. People enjoy style in different ways. It’s not always necessary to share your opinion.”


All the negative comments took a toll on the frustrated actress who added a note to her picture saying, “Don’t poke mama bear. Some of you still need to learn manners. Don’t like? Scroll through. Some of you ruin the fun of sharing on social media for everyone.”