They Laughed When He Married Her, But Wait Till You See What Happened Years Later

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They laughed when he married her, but wait to see what happened years later. But it’s easier said than done. People are partly responsible for their insecurities because they believe they should resemble the models on magazine covers. This is because the media and celebrities use retouched and edited photos and promote certain aspects as social norms.Some people won’t allow ridiculous standards to dictate their beauty and will do everything possible to change how others see them. People said nasty things about Amelia because she’s overweight. The fact that her mother knew her daughter was overweight for her age from birth made her aware that she would grow up to be a “fat” woman. But because many people found her cute and kind when she was a child, she was later bullied.People made Amelia feel like she didn’t belong, so she spent her days in her room playing video games until Sean came along. Their simple life defied all odds and led to a proposal and a small wedding. Their story sparked a worldwide movement to promote acceptance and emancipation.