‘Real-Life Mowgli’ Who Ran from Ridicule to Live In the Jungle Gets New Look To Start School

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For years he was bullied because of his appearance, but as news spread about him online, one young boy became famous worldwide. This year he looked dapper as he started a new school term against all odds

According to his mother, Zanziman Ellie was a miracle baby. After many unsuccessful attempts, she finally gained the child she desperately wanted. Born with microcephaly, Ellie is one of a kind.

His condition has affected his features, and he has a smaller head than the average child. Throughout his life, he has been ridiculed for this. To escape the torment, he lived in the Rwandan jungle with his mom.


Ellie never imagined that his unique looks would one day be why he was given a chance in life. While many from his community turned their backs on Ellie and shunned him, people online took an interest and decided to take action.

After a documentary about the young man was broadcasted on TV, a GoFundMe page was created to help get him the support and assistance he needed. People quickly reached out and offered Ellie and his mother the means to improve their lives.


Ellie was also given the opportunity to get special education. Due to his condition, he has had issues with his mental capabilities. Now, he is a student at Ubumwe Community Center, Gisenyi, Rwanda.

For his first day at school, his sponsors also organized a special surprise. Ellie was spoilt with a dapper suit. It came complete with a waistcoat and jacket. He was beaming with joy as he wore the charming outfit.


Ellie’s mother thanked God for changing their lives. The mother expressed: “He was being ridiculed, and I would often run after him. At the moment, he is in school with his peers, and I am so happy. My son is having a good life.”

She was also given a home and stated that all of her former pain and anguish had been taken away. Ellie is a star, and he has come a long way since the days when bullies used to get him down


Netizens online were inspired by his story and praised those who helped him. One user wrote: “Imagine how happy his mom is right now, seeing her kid from being excluded from the society for years, to him being so happy right now.”

Another added“This is what the internet should be used for!” Commenters wished him well and hoped that there would be no more bullying in his future. Now Ellie is ready to take on the world with his dazzling smile and fancy new suit!