Kate Middleton Shares Photo of Her Daughter for Her 9th Birthday – Why Did She Break Tradition

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Princess Charlotte celebrated her 9th birthday with a charming new portrait, shared by her parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The photo, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge in Windsor recently, captures Charlotte’s joy and marks her transition into her last single-digit year. This gesture by the royal couple has sparked intrigue about their departure from traditional release timings for their children’s birthday portraits.

Alongside the image, which the Princess of Wales took, there is the caption, “Happy 9th Birthday, Princess Charlotte! 🎂 Thank you for all of the kind messages today. 📸 The Princess of Wales.”

In the photo, Charlotte can be seen beaming at the camera while leaning on a flowery hedge and wearing a maroon cardigan and blue denim skirt.

Fans are amazed by Princess Charlotte’s resemblance to her father. Some of them commented on her photo: “Truly! She’s his mini all the way.” Another one said“William with long hair 🤭”. Also, many users agreed that she is a copy of Prince William: “Yes, she is a carbon copy of her daddy”.

The recent decision by Kate Middleton and Prince William to delay the release of Princess Charlotte’s birthday portrait marks a departure from royal tradition. Typically, Kensington Palace would unveil portraits of the Wales children promptly at midnight on their birthdays. However, the portrait of Charlotte, captured by her mother, was postponed until a week after her birthday.

Rebecca English from The Mail sheds light on this departure, revealing that Kate and William have been deliberate in their timing choices. The delay in releasing photos of their children coincides with a period where the royal family has appealed for privacy amidst challenging personal circumstances. However, they eventually reconsidered their decision in order to express gratitude to fans for their kind wishes to Prince Louis.


Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, further elaborates on this decision. He said: ” “It is something of a royal tradition that royal birthdays are celebrated by the release of photographs, Catherine has taken a great many and they are always eagerly awaited.”


He suggests that the delayed release of Princess Charlotte’s portrait aligns with Kate’s recent expressions of needing privacy and space, especially following the controversy surrounding an edited Mother’s Day photo earlier this year. Fitzwilliams emphasizes the couple’s cautious approach, highlighting the sensitivity and consideration involved in their decisions.


In light of Kate Middleton’s health challenges, the royal family’s evolving approach to public appearances and photo releases reflects a deeper narrative of prioritizing family well-being and privacy.


The decision to delay the portrait reveals a more nuanced perspective on the pressures faced by public figures like the Duchess of Cambridge and underscores the importance of respecting their personal boundaries.

Prince William is currently balancing his royal duties with a personal role much closer to home as his wife, the Princess of Wales, recovers from a planned abdominal surger

As a testament to their close-knit family dynamic, the Prince of Wales, Prince William, has cleared his calendar to be by the Princess of Wales’ side while she is recovering from abdominal surgery. He and the nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo will attend to the children in terms of school pickups and dropoffs and will take care of them at home.

The Princess of Wales was admitted to The London Clinic, a facility known for its high standard of care, and is expected to remain there for up to two weeks, with a recovery period of two to three months at home. While Kensington Palace has kept specific details private, they have acknowledged the successful completion of her surgery.

During her stay, the Princess is assured of exceptional care, reminiscent of a five-star hotel experience, with an array of gourmet food choices served on silver trolleys, Molton Brown toiletries, and a high level of personal attention from the medical staff.

The commitment to patient comfort and care at The London Clinic is evident, providing peace of mind to the Princess and the Duke of Cambridge as he shoulders the responsibilities of his public role and family life.

Prince William’s temporary withdrawal from public engagements reflects the royal couple’s effort to maintain normalcy for their children amidst exceptional circumstances. This approach, as noted by royal author Robert Hardman, is to prevent their children from feeling like they are “in a special gilded cage.”

As the royal family navigates these personal and public challenges, the support and discretion provided by The London Clinic serve as a cornerstone for the Princess of Wales’ recovery. The unity and resilience of the family remain the focus, with Prince William exemplifying the balance between his dedication to the crown and his commitment to family.