Bindi Irwin’s “Dirty Dancing” Routine Is A Remarkable Tribute To Patrick Swayze

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Bindi Irwin is famous for being the daughter of the Crocodile Hunter, but were you aware that she is also a skilled dancer? Her remarkable Dirty Dancing tribute to Patrick Swayze left the audience in awe.
During this performance, she teamed up with Derek Hough. When the iconic melody began, the audience went wild! The movie was recently adapted for TV. Die hard Dirty Dancing fans were disappointed with the movie. Still, they adored Bindi’s show.
This, along with a variety of other performances, enabled her to reign over the 2015 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Watch the video below to observe them getting ready for their performance. Do you recall the lake setting? That elevator appeared to be an unattainable task.
All of a sudden, Jennifer Grey appears out of nowhere! It’s evident that Bindi is in awe of the stars. Having one of the iconic movie’s actors present increases the stress level!
You can watch Bindi and Derek attempt and not succeed multiple times. Nevertheless, they have it under control. They prepared tirelessly for that moment, and their efforts were rewarded.
Bindi is dressed suitably. The dress she is wearing is remarkably alike to the one Jennifer Grey sports in the film. Her hair is styled in a complete 80’s retro fashion.
Their excitement can be observed in the video. These two clearly love the film.
The show starts. While they are dancing, the audience applauds along to the music. The duo senses their encouragement while executing every single movement. Ultimately, the audience was extremely impressed.

The couple should be proud of a job well done.

If Patrick Swayze was watching, I bet he’d be proud too.

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