Alec Baldwin Is A Proud Father Of 8: ‘It’s Unbelievable’

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Alec Baldwin is a genuine Hollywood legend. Having begun his career in the 1980s, he has gone on to showcase his dramatic and comedic acting skills in various films, TV shows, and theater productions. Today, Baldwin remains a prominent figure in the entertainment field, solidifying his standing as an actor.
Baldwin, who was born in April 1958 in Amityville, New York, is the oldest of six siblings. All three of his brothers, Daniel, William, and Stephen Baldwin, also entered the entertainment industry, not just him. It is enough to mention that the Baldwins are a highly gifted family.
Baldwin began his journey in the entertainment industry by enrolling in the renowned Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he focused his studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. He made his acting debut in the soap opera “The Doctors” from 1980 to 1982. Just a couple of years after that, he would receive a Tony Award nomination for his performance in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”
His performance in TV comedies like “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live” has kept his acting career flourishing, showcasing his versatile acting skills with award-winning performances. Overall, Alec has gained three Primetime Emmys, three Golden Globes, eight Screen Actors Guild Awards and has received numerous nominations.
Baldwin’s career has had numerous ups and downs, which also included a devastating incident during the filming of “Rust.” Nevertheless, his family has stood by him every step of the way. Baldwin has seven children and is expecting an eighth child. Let’s observe Baldwin and his lovely family.

Baldwin tied the knot for the first time with Hollywood actress Kim Basinger. The pair first crossed paths when they portrayed love interests in the movie “The Marrying Man” in 1990 before tying the knot in 1993. Some years passed, and they joyfully greeted their daughter Ireland. Nevertheless, Baldwin and Basinger ended their relationship in 2000, and their marriage was officially dissolved two years after. Today, at 26 years old, Ireland is establishing herself in Hollywood as both a model and actress. She has recently started DJing as well.
In 2011, Baldwin started a romantic relationship with Hilaria Thomas, a former yoga instructor from Manhattan, whom he is now married to. In August 2011, the couple relocated to Greenwich Village in New York and got engaged the next year. They got married in June 2012 and have had six children together since then.
Their children are Carmen, who is 8 years old, Rafael, who is 6 years old, Leonardo, who is 5 years old, Romeo, who is 3 years old, Eduardo, who is 18 months old, and Lucia, who is 13 months old. Per Us Weekly, the kids “enjoy having lots of siblings to play with.”
Nevertheless, Baldwin and his wife faced multiple challenges during their journey. In November 2019, Hilaria took to Instagram to share that she had a miscarriage after four months of being pregnant, marking her second miscarriage of that year.
She wrote in the caption:
Today, we are deeply sorrowful to announce that we discovered our baby has passed away after four months. We also want to assure you that despite our current state of not being OK, we will eventually be fine. We feel incredibly fortunate to have our four healthy babies, and we will always remember this.

Baldwin and his spouse kept expanding their family and joyfully shared the arrival of their fifth child in September 2020. Hilaria posted on Instagram that they welcomed a baby last night. “He is flawless and we are overjoyed.” The pair greeted their sixth child through surrogacy only five months after.
In March 2022, Hilaria took to Instagram to share the news of her seventh pregnancy with Baldwin, revealing that Baldwin is on track to become a father of eight children. Hilaria penned down:
After numerous highs and lows in recent years, we have a thrilling high and a massive shock: another Baldwinito will be arriving this autumn. We thought our family was perfect as it was, and we’re thrilled with this unexpected addition.
It’s evident that Baldwin will remain a very active father in the near future, a responsibility he deeply cherishes, as his family has supported him through challenging periods. According to BBC, while filming the movie “Rust” in October 2021, actor Baldwin accidentally fired the prop gun, causing the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The director, Joel Souza, sustained injuries as well.
Baldwin shared a heartfelt video on his Instagram account in February 2022, revealing his deep sadness following the tragic event. He further elaborated on the difficulty of being separated from his family and expressed his deep affection for them. Baldwin expressed feeling very unhappy every time he separates from his family.
He went on to say, “They involve me in a world I never imagined being a part of.” It’s beyond belief. I have a reliable companion. Embrace your children, show them love, and ensure every day is meaningful.