Patrick Swayze’s beautiful final words to wife after tragic cancer battle

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It’s difficult to fathom that iconic actor Patrick Swayze died more than 12 years ago. Swayze was already a star prior to “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost,” and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Regrettably, the actor passed away on September 14, 2009, following a prolonged struggle with pancreatic cancer. Throughout the entire duration, Lisa Niemi, his loyal wife for 34 years, remained by his side.

The couple encountered each other as teenagers and tied the knot in 1975. This occurred four years prior to Swayze’s first appearance in a roller disco movie called “Skatetown, USA.” Additionally, Niemi, who is also a skilled dancer, co-starred alongside Swayze in a dance movie she directed called “One Last Dance” in 2003.

While Swayze and Niemi were committed to one another, they still faced some challenges in their relationship. This involved Swayze’s ascent to stardom and struggle with substance abuse throughout his life. However, the couple in love managed to persevere.

A few years following Swayze’s passing, Niemi wrote a book in 2011 called “Worth Fighting For.” She talked about their love for each other until the end. Niemi discusses her husband’s final words as he gradually drifted into a coma in the book.

Niemi woke up on a Monday morning to the sound of him softly gasping for air. Her statement pointed out the almost naive manner in which events were unfolding. She was aware that it was his moment to depart. He disappeared on that same day. Let’s examine her tale.

Niemi, who was married to Swayze from 1975 until his death in 2009, expressed to Entertainment Tonight the pain of witnessing her husband battle cancer after 34 years together.

Going through it is the toughest experience, as you battle each day for the survival of that individual. I am aware that he dedicated himself to battling his own struggles daily. He managed to live for 22 months, which was astonishing given his diagnosis.

Niemi stated that Swayze accepted a role on the TV show “The Beast” despite battling pancreatic cancer. She mentioned that he underwent a transformation while playing the role. Although he had been confined to bed for a long period, being in Chicago revitalized him with an incredible surge of energy.

“I was floored by his immense surge of energy.” He behaved like his previous assertive self, constantly on the move. I have Patrick with me again. Niemi wrote in her memoir that he displayed occasional bursts of behavior akin to a ‘star’, such as making sudden, last-minute requests and acting as if he knew everything about the universe.

She also noted that Swayze never desired his job to be more manageable simply because he had been diagnosed with cancer. Despite being required to have his character jump over a wall, he was determined to perform the stunt himself rather than relying on the hired stuntman. Niemi maintains that being on the show set boosted Swayze’s strength and happiness despite his diagnosis. However, less than two years after he was first diagnosed, Swayze died from pancreatic cancer on Sep. 14, 2009.

According to the Daily Mail, Niemi detailed the moment she lost her soulmate in her memoir, including their last conversation.

What were my final words to Patrick? ‘Those were his final words to me, ‘I love you.’ Following his arrival at home, events began to progress rapidly.

After going through a period of sorrow, Niemi wrote a book that has aided in preserving Swayze’s memory long after his passing. Furthermore, Niemi, along with Swayze’s co-stars and friends, came together to create a documentary about his life called “I Am Patrick Swayze.” This was made available on August 18, 2019, marking the birthday of the deceased actor and falling on the 10th anniversary of his passing.

Niemi discussed her experiences with Buddy, her affectionate term for her deceased spouse, in the documentary. She described how she had stepped onto the stage years ago and gazed into his eyes. Love was genuine right from the beginning.

However, the documentary also delves into his failures. It also closely examines his battle with alcohol misuse. Niemi stated that he would be lively and cheerful until he was alone. Their relationship would become tense and challenging as a result of his subsequent crash. Despite facing numerous obstacles in their relationship, Niemi’s love for him remained strong.

More than a dozen years since his death, admirers of the attractive celebrity remain just as eager to discover all they can about the legendary actor. According to accounts shared by his loved ones, he was a genuinely kind-hearted individual.