An online trend kills an 11-year-old, and his family is now alerting others about the household item that killed him

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Youngsters frequently lack awareness of the consequences of adopting trends they see online, including the fact that they may pose a serious risk to health. Due to something that happened to their young kid, this family is suffering through the most terrible catastrophe. They are now alerting others about this. To learn more, continue reading.

The family of an 11-year-old child who died as a result of a horribly dangerous social media trend is in mourning. In order to prevent anyone else from becoming a victim of the same thing, the family now wants to warn others and encourage parents to talk to their kids.


A concerning pattern among youths on TikTok resulted in the demise of Tommie-Lee Billington, an 11-year-old from Lancaster, England. This comes after, according to The Sun, two adolescent females perished while taking part in the same “challenge” on the app.

It all began on Saturday while 11-year-old Tommie was spending the night at a friend’s house. Then, after viewing a challenge on the TikTok app, the guys “huffed.” This entails breathing in hazardous gases or intoxicating chemicals. Spray deodorant, glue, and dry shampoo are a few examples.


Tommie’s heart stopped instantly when he and his companion chose to follow the TikTok fad. The hospital team said he passed away immediately. The family is currently grieving the 11-year-old’s untimely death.

His mother Sherry has advised other parents to have a conversation with their kids and to get them off of TikTok. She posted an appeal on Facebook, saying, “My son lost his life because he tried something that other youngsters were doing. Please discuss the repercussions of this with your kids. I don’t see why someone would even attempt this! It’s really risky.

“I’ve never experienced such agony.” My tornado. I adore you so much, my friend. My little boy. I shall cherish you always in my heart. She posts on her Facebook page, “I promise to do everything in my power to ensure that your name and beautiful face become the reason that other children’s lives will be saved and other families don’t have to suffer this deep, deep hurt.”