The First Picture You See Reveals Your Current Situation

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Optical illusions are a fun way to not just determine how fast you can solve complicated puzzles through your observation power and common sense, but can also help you learn hidden traits about your personality. You can also do these challenges along with your friends or family members, and learn more about each other.
As for how an optical illusion test can help determine your personality, it is believed by many experts in psychology that your perception can reveal a lot about how your mind works and where do you incline towards.

Here is one such simple yet interesting optical illusion personality test. All you need to do is focus on what you see first and make note of it. Ready? Observe!This picture has two dominant parts – a crocodile and a boat. After noting what you (and your friends/family) saw first, read below what these two symbols represent.

If you see a crocodile first

If the first thing you identify is a crocodile, then it means that you tend to focus on the bigger picture. On the bright side, this helps to get through troublesome times faster, without obsessing over every small thing that comes your way. However, on the downside, you may have to bear the repercussions of missing out on some crucial stuff, as you fail to read in between the lines. You lack focus and usually have less patience. However, you are generally cool-headed which helps you take charge, especially when all others go spiraling in stress.

If you see a boat first

If the first thing you notice is the boat, then you have a unique approach to life in general. You do not like playing by the rules and following customs until you figure out the logic of their existence. You value the little things in life and would prefer having a great time in your living room with your closed ones, instead of going hiking with 15 people. You have a limited friend circle but those you have understand you like no one else can.