What You See First Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality

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Know Yourself Test: What you see first personality test has been popular among internet users. In this article, we have an optical illusion that reveals your personality. What you see first in the picture tells about you, and everyone has been in awe of the results that tell 100% accurate facts and IQ levels of an individual.

Look at the picture below, do you see a face, brain/tree, or birds? These optical illusion images are designed to conduct picture psychology tests to reveal hidden traits of the personality of an individual. In this article, we have an image and what you see first in this optical illusion reveals a key part of your personality.

What You See First Reveals Your Hidden Personality Traits

What You See First In This Image Reveals Your Hidden Personality Traits

1. Face

What You See First In This Image Reveals Your Hidden Personality Traits


If you saw a Face first, your personality traits reveal that you struggle with identifying who you exactly are so you try to create an image of yourself for the world. You may put in different pieces or versions of yourself to present an illusion or image to the people. You feel puzzled within yourself. You try to be the jack of all trades or be good at different things and build your character. You may put together different aspects of your life together to earn recognition from the public.

In order to build an image for the world, you may focus on aspects of your outer self such as social circle, partners, family, properties, social following, materialistic items, etc., or aspects of your inner self such as memories, past, accomplishments, experiences, etc.

You may not be wrong in how you put the pieces of you to present a perfect image of yourself. However, you should embrace your inner essence and alchemize it into creating the real true you.

2. Brain/Tree

 What You See First In This Image Reveals Your Hidden Personality Traits

If you saw a Brain/Tree first, your personality traits reveal that you are always seeking knowledge. You are a curious person who wants to absorb knowledge about new things, new concepts, new places, etc. You may also be fascinated by psychology and human behavior. You would also enjoy philosophy.

You work differently from an average unconscious individual. You process every little pieces of information around you like the Universe is presenting you with tips and signs every now and then to help you see the bigger picture. You see life as a cosmic dance of energy. Sometimes, you may lose yourself or feel terribly exhausted in the process of absorbing so much knowledge.

You should learn to balance your inner and outer worlds. You should definitely not change your truth and way of living life. You should however not tire yourself or lose the joy of present moments in the quest of finding answers. Life reveals some of the answers in its own due time.


3. Birds

 what you see first in this optical illusion reveals

If you saw Birds first, your personality traits reveal that you are an independent soul. You do not like to be tamed or tied to the norms of society. You like to be just free from the trivial issues of everyday life and experience the world’s beauty. You are not in the quest of building yourself or finding yourself, you know what is it that you want out of life and its freedom.

You may be loyal and committed in your relationships however you have trouble with staying in one place for wrong. Your realization about how momentary and temporary everything is in the world makes you anxious and more desirous of trying or seeing new things. You value experiences over bookish knowledge. You believe traveling and exploring the world makes a man wise and apt for any life situation.

You may not like serious monotonous routines. Your style of living is more nomadic. You thrive best in the natural settings of the earth. You enjoy forests, beaches, oceans, mountains, etc. Your heart fills up with joy at the thought of packing your things and leaving for a voyage every now and then. However, you should also learn to balance your lust for exploration and your family or relationships.